Full CookBook + Full Power Program

Full CookBook + Full Power Program

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  • Scientifically proven, and tested 12-week strength program designed to produce the maximum amount of strength safely. 
  • Designed to prevent injuries
  • Full strength based dieting information included inside 
  • A comprehensive video each week to ensure you are on track and maximizing your workouts! 
  • Written and used by Damian Hu which lead to him being crowned National Powerlifting Champion whilst crushing state and provincial powerlifting records


  • 150+ BullS%!t free, simple, healthy, high protein recipes designed for CUTTING and BULKING 
  • Each recipe includes a FREE entertaining how-to video 
  • All instructions are simple and easy to follow for even those with ZERO cooking experience 
  • No complicated or rare ingredients, all ingredients can be found in the average person's pantry or fridge
  • Easy to track with MACROS included for every recipe cutting and bulking 
  • Prep and cooking time included