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Viral cookbook of gains with high-protein recipes updated monthly.
12-week Power Building Program for strength and size: Build, Volume, Peak.
VIP chat group with personalized feedback and bi-weekly Q&A.
Exclusive prizes and behind-the-scenes content, including never-before-seen videos.
High Protein
Training program
VIP community
Training program
VIP community
Introducing GainsHub, the ultimate resource for building size and strength. Led by National Powerlifting Champion, Damo, this program includes Damo's viral cookbook of gains, filled with delicious, high-protein recipes, and a 12-week Power Building Program. Plus, as a member, you'll have access to Damo's VIP chat group, bi-weely Q&A, with personalized feedback and exclusive prizes.

Program Includes

Cookbook of Gains

Get access to Damo's collection of simple, high-protein recipes to help you achieve your goals in the kitchen. New recipes added monthly.

Power Building Program

12-week program designed to help you build strength and size in the gym, tested and used by Damo and his training partner Noah. Includes three sections: Building, Volume, and Peak/Taper/Max Out.


As a member, access to Damo's VIP chat group with Q&A bi-weekly and personalized feedback on your progress.


Exclusive prizes, behind-the-scenes content, unreleased footage, bloopers, and never-before-seen videos from Damo's YouTube channel.

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