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DAMIAN X PATTY Monster Mass Bodybuilding program has been tested and used by @damianthefatass and @thepattyfatty to ensure the program is tweaked to achieve maximum results. This program is designed to produce and maintain a TONED, FIT, BODYBUILDER body. Grab yours and get started today! 


  • An in-depth and rigorously tested 10-week bodybuilding program designed for shredding fat and gaining muscle at the same time  
  • Videos for each workout to ensure you are maximizing your bodybuilding workouts
  • Designed to ensure injury prevention 
  • Full bodybuilding diet plan included 


Damian and Patrick have been friends for over 4 years. Patrick was always a bigger kid due to competing at the provincial/state level for football. After COVID-19 began, Patrick was forced to come home to Canada from Football in the USA. With no games being played and recruiting season coming up fast, Patrick had to keep in shape. Whilst working out at home Patrick kept at a strong 195lbs and feeling great. However, as the pandemic took a toll on everyone, he started cutting corners by eating whatever he wanted and working out every now and then. Patrick lost track of his fitness goals. However, in early November, weighing in at 220lbs Patrick knew there needed to be a change. Patrick aligned himself with his goals and changed his priorities. He began his own Monster Mass journey and as of March 2021, he has cut down to 185lbs feeling more toned and fitter than before! Now he is on track to cutting to 160lbs and competing in bodybuilding competitions this upcoming year. Patrick is currently on track to BEING THE DREAM. Now, in collaboration with Damo’s Fitness Founder Damian Hu Patrick is bringing you the DAMIANTHEFATASS x THEPATTYFATTY MONSTERMASS Bodybuilding program. Patrick's story represents that it is not the end goal of THE DREAM that matters, but the ups and downs of the journey to get there.


Damo's Fitness will answer any questions one may have regardless if it's program, dieting, or general lifting form questions Damian will be happy to answer them! Please feel free to send a DM to @damianthefatass on Instagram or contact through email and he will personally get back to you as soon as possible!